Talking Donkey



Talking Donkey is the only app with real Talking Donkey.

Talking Donkey talks back whatever you say in funny donkey voice. If you hurt the Donkey by touching him anywhere, he will let you know that he is hurt in donkey sounds. If you shake the phone, Talking Donkey gets into dancing mode and dances for disco music.

Talking Donkey loves to entertain you with his funny voice and funny dance moves. He is always ready to entertain you and would get angry if you hurt him by touching him.

1. Start talking and Donkey will listen to you with his cute posture
2. Real Donkey will repeat whatever you say in his funny voice.
3. Shake the phone and Donkey will start dancing for you with disco music
4. Touch the Donkey and he will get mad at you.

Talking Donkey in your pocket all the time. Great party conversation tool.

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