Talking Duck



Talking Ducks love to talk back to you in his funny voice. Talking Duck will listen to everything you say and talks back in his voice. Talking duck loves to entertain you by dancing to disco music if you shake the phone. Talking Duck is a shy animal and gets mad if you try to touch the duck.

1. Duck will start listening to everything you say. He will detect when you start talking and when you stopped talking.
2. Talking duck will talk back everything you said in his funny voice.
3. Talking duck will start dancing to disco music if you shake the phone.
4. Talking talk gets hurt if you Shoot the Duck by touching him. The Duck will assume you are the Duck Hunter and gets mad at you.

Play Duck games with the duck. Talk to him, hear him back. Sing to the Duck and hear him back. Great entertainer with one of the funniest of animals/birds.

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