Talking Larry the Bird


Talking Larry the Bird's review


A 3D pet bird for your device

  • Very popular
  • Repeats what you say in a silly voice
  • Can't do anything whatsoever with the guy
  • Tons of tricks to try to get you to sign up for things and pay money

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"Bird is the word"


Talking Larry the Bird has not aged well. He wasn't cool or exciting when he flapped his feathers onto the market; now he's just hopelessly dated and unoriginal. There's a Child Mode which disables in-app purchases, but the big flashing ad is still right there at the top for wayward sticky fingers. It's boring fast and just takes up space on your device.


Maybe it'll keep your kid quiet for a minute (try giving them a book?).


Super boring, pointless, topped off by a huge ad.

Original review from May 29, 2014:

Outfit7's Talking Larry the Bird is a 3D rendition of a bird who repeats back what you say in a silly voice. He'll also peck at food, whistle various notes, and get struck by lightning. You can't fight with him, take him on adventures, level him up, or interact with other birds. You can just speak at him, and he'll echo you mockingly. There are tons of traps the app uses to try to get you to sign up for things and tap on ads, and yet, mysteriously, it's still ridiculously popular. I can't recommend it whatsoever, but if you feel your life is really missing something and a talking digi-bird is it, you've come to the right place.

Original rating: 5.0/10

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by Janel , Appszoom

May 29, 2014

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