Talking Lips



Talking lips talk back to you whatever you say in funny voice. If you touch the talking lips it will kiss you with lips. If you shake the phone, the talking mouth will whistle for you.

Talking lips is a huge party entertainer and always helps you pick up a partner at party. Use talking mouth to say whatever you want to say if you are shy. The mouth does all the talking with Talking lips.


1. Record something and let talking mouth do the talking for you. Talking lips talks whatever you say in funny voice.
2. Touch the Talking lips and you will be kissed by the lips.
3. Shake the phone and mouth whistle with whistle sound for you like a funny mouth.

Talking Lips is huge conversation topic with friends and family. You will be the star at any party with talking lips application with the voice voices you create. Funny mouth and lips will impress anyone.

Talking lips is the best funny mouth app you can find.

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