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Insult Master Generator Wizard (IMGW)

What is IMGW?
IMGW is the ultimate tool for auto-generating insults or user-based insults. The best part is that the "parrot" will speak it to you. You can even force the "parrot" to speak in multiple languages.

How to use IMGW?
In just a couple of seconds you can have your insult generated or spoken to you by the "parrot". For this you have to do the following:

1. Click the parrot to auto-generate the insult (try changing the pitch and the insult speed for different voices)
2. If you like the insult then goto Actions tab where you can:
Replay insult
Save insult as audio file
Set the insult as current ringtone
send a SMS with your insult
send a Email with your insult
send a Email with your insult and the audio insult as attachement
3. If you want the "parrot" to say you own words, just goto "Insult engine", set "My own text" and then choose "My own text" insult engine.
* Explore the Insult preferences to have the insults as you want.
** If you want to hear insults with different accents, just SET the Language (default is to English).
** Auto-generated insults always start with "You" (by default). You can change that by setting the "Insult start word".

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