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Touch him, make him laugh, cry and fall, play the trumpet and the electric guitar

  • Funny and entertaining
  • Great for kids
  • Pretty useless

"Teddy the trumpet player"

Talking Teddy Bear is another talking toy that repeats the last words you say to him. If you interact with him (touching his eyes or belly), he will cry, laugh and fall over. In addition, you can make him dance and play the trumpet and the electric guitar, as well as send lovable messages.

As well as the others, this one is a really entertaining app for kids who want to laugh and play with the teddy bear and play the instruments with him. The graphics are appropriate and it works pretty smoothly, bu people seem to be complaining about it not repeating all the words correctly.

The developer of Talking Teddy Bear Man is My talking Toys, who have created several talking apps, all with their special features depending on the character. If you like these type of talking apps you're probably going to enjoy this one as well, as it's pretty funny and addictive. It might not be useful but it can make your time pass quickly.

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