Teenager Repellent



Teenager Repellent will cause everyone from kids to young adults to become extremely annoyed and want to leave!
Choose from five high-frequency sounds that MOST older adults can't hear (12khz - 19khz). Some adults have not had a lifetime of loud noise, so they will still be able to hear these sounds.

Can be used to:
• annoy teenagers, children, and young adults.
• break up teenage parties (play through a speaker system)
• annoy animals.
Has the functionality to:
• increase the sounds with your volume button on the side of your phone/tablet
• stop sounds once they are playing and when the user quits the app

Disclaimer: Jive Labs does not take any responsibility for damages or injury undertaken with this application.

Some phones’ speakers may not be able to output the sound.
Teenager Repellent does not contain annoying Airpush adware!

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