TeeZiX - TZX/TAP player



TeeZiX is a TZX/TAP player for Android devices.

With TeeZiX you can play back TZX, TAP and ZIP files for loading on a ZX Spectrum computer. Connect your Android device's headphone jack to your ZX Spectrum and start playing.

TeeZiX has no built in file or database management. Instead it relies on you selecting a TZX, TAP or ZIP file from an external file manager. Don't worry, TeeZiX will help you install a compatible file manager and launch it correctly.

Some file managers even support cloud services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Put your entire collection in the cloud for easy access anywhere.

TeeZiX starts playing your files immediately, there's no conversion waiting time.

Use the built in test tone generator to get the sound level just right for your Speccy.

Please note that this program should still be considered alpha quality - the playback engine is entirely new and as such may have bugs and some files may be unsupported. Please help by emailing your feedback.

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