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The All new 2.0 Revamp is here! Check out the all new content and additions!

Last call for all drinker's! This is your must have app to compliment any party! With numerous virtual drinking games to play and awesome drink recipes, you will be the life of the party. Don't be the last of your friends to have this app. Content includes:

*Drinks: Lists of top drinks that will get you hammered

*BAC: Bac calculator to give you an estimate as to your Blood Alcohol Content level.

*How To: Written out How Tos that have step by step instructions on how to play drinking games, build beer bongs, make jello shots and much more.

*Dictionary: Dictionary of commonly used Drinker words. We know that plenty are missing. So submit some of your favorite words and we'll put your name up there to show off.

*Entertainment: Enjoy pictures of those who are wasted. Play any one of 10 different virtual drinking games to get you and your friends hammered. Check out hilarious drunk stories. Play with a Sound board to distract any drunk off his Beer Pong game.

*Brew Guide: All the information you need to hit the ground running and make your first batch of Beer.

If you have any comments, concerns, questions, and ideas please send them to

There are plenty more updates to come.

For those of you who are concerned about the permissions, they are used for ads ONLY. For example the location permission is only used to determine where you are to better serve an ad that you would have interest in. The permissions aren't used for anything else.

Special thanks to the and the sounds submitted by Mike Koenig, Joe Lamb, and Mark DiAngelo for a few of the Pong Distraction sounds.

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