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"The Magic App" is the perfect app for anyone who is looking to get into the amazing world of magic and magicians. Whatever level of magician you are - this is an excellent companion, filled with loads of great information, tricks, advice, videos and much more.

The app is the perfect gateway into getting started in magic, and explains the basics of magic, as well as detailed information about the various aspects of magic that you need to consider, such as tricks, equipment, getting gigs and many more pieces of useful and helpful advice.

There is an entire section of the app dedicated to magic tricks, and here you can learn how to perform some of the most famous magic tricks including ... magic tricks with coins, dice and handkerchiefs, as well as helpful advice such as Tips for finding an audience, Magic tricks for childrens, how to get paid for magic and much more.

Inside the video section of the app, you will find a great choice of interesting and educational video clips featuring topics such as ... the Best Card Trick in the world, Making a coin vanish, Spoon bending, and making cards appear.

There is also a section about the Business Side of magic, and in here you will find a lot of useful information for what is needed to turn professional with advice on ... Microphones and Sound Equipment, Liability Insurance, Finding your gigs, and much more.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional magician, this app is a perfect companion and is jam-packed with great advice and helpful tips and suggestions.

You'd better grab this app now before we make it disappear !!!

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