The Three Magi



The Magi Book of Annal Pledge. Send your request to the Magi and they will grant you 3 gifts for Christmas Day!

It’s Christmas time! Deep in The South Col, the scribes and pages of the Magi are making toys. They’re loading The Christmas Caravan with goodies for all those that “Believe in 3”. The 3Magi have given their word that if you give 3 acts of kindness this holiday season, they will grant YOU 3 wishes. List the three acts of giving that you will do this holiday season. Request 3 Christmas gifts you want the Magi to grant you. Then place your pledge in your Magi hat under your Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve, when the Magi come, they will check your pledge and leave 3 gifts that you desire. Remember to always Believe in the 3. The Christmas Word, Love and Peace. Maranatha!

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- Keep notes of your pledges
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