The Whip




    ★ ☆ ✰ The Whip APP inspired by THE BIG BANG THEORY!✰ ☆ ★
    Move your Android Phone up and down or side to side to make your whip go WHOOSH or flick your wrist to make it WHIP!
    Need your friends, family or co-workers to GET A MOVE ON? Carry the fastest whip around, for when you need it the most. WHOOSH! CRACK! The Whip is like having a real life stock whip in your pocket, only it's totally harmless!
    Perfect for those times when you're feeling frustrated or impatient and want to let people know in a fun way!
    The Whip app turns your Android-powered phone into the ultimate motivational tool. Useful whether asking your employees to work the weekend, or remarking on a friend's FB relationship status change...
    Users say its the best whip app in the market.
    You'll be whipping like a pro in no time! Enjoy!! whip at the perfect moment.
    The Whip is the best whip app in the market!

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