The Zombie Channel 2.0



The Zombie Channel has risen to bring you treasures from the deepest vaults of the undead realm... If you've ever wanted a 24 hour channel dedicated to zombies and nothing but zombies, you have arrived at your final destination.

Join fans around the world and be a part of this adventure in programming as we bid farewell to our dearly beloved TVs and embrace the shocking power of the iPhone to deliver our live streaming channel, deliver dread on demand and bring your attention to all sorts of things on the bleeding edge of cool.


* The Stream - delivers live content from The Zombie Channel, including our all new original programs including THE PRE-MORTEM (a live preview of The Walking Dead airing Sundays in October)

* UnDead OnDemand - On Demand libraries featuring a growing archive of movies, short films, documentaries and more.

* Deadline News - All the latest happening from the front lines of the zombie apocalypse.

* And more...

Whether you're in a long line and need a quick zombie fix or wanting a bedtime story sure to give you nightmares, The Zombie Channel has got you covered...

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