Tips For BF3



Battlefield 3 is a brilliant game played by millions around the globe.

This app has a total of 160 video clips of gameplay & tips & tricks so you can maximise your gameplay.

Learn new strategies from expert players and you will soon be up to speed.

The first 20 clips are included free within the app and the rest can be added as and when you wish to progress further.

For each clip you have the ability to give it a rating as well as add your own notes and change the clip description. Share the clip with your friends and increase your gaming experience.

This app has something for everyone from beginners tips, 97 secret jet tips, Assault Kit, Flying Snipers, How to fly jets and many many more!

Sample clips;
Helicopter Madness!
How Not To Be A Noob
How To Effectively Use The Javelin
How To Fly Jets
How To Fly Jets Evading Techniques Strategy Guide Tutorial Tips Tricks
How To Fly Jets Tutorial Tips Tricks Online Gameplay Helicopter
How To Rush Damavand Peak Tips And Tricks
How To Snipe
How To Use The Recon Kit Tips & Tactics
Infantry Tips How To Aim And Control Recoil For The M16a3 Aek And L85a2
Inside The Mind Of Mongol - Tips Advice For Medic L85a2 Rush On Tehran Highway
Javelin (Fgm-148)
Javelin + Soflam
Jet Helicopter Tutorial Tips 4 Noobs Xbox 360 Hd How To Fly Jet Plane Ps3pc
Jet Dogfighting Tips - Battlefield 3
Jet Tutorial Part 1 Of 3 "Basic Movemen
Jets 103 Attack Jets
Jets Jets 101: Flight Basics
Jets Tips And Tricks
Jets Tips And Tricks
Jets Tutorial Multiplayer Gameplay
Knifing Tips And Tricks
Know/Play Your Role Elitegamerbros
Level-Up All Vehicles Fast!
Levelcap Pro Tips - Warm Up Gameplaycommentary
M224 Mortar Gameplay & Triple Kill
Master Tips 2
More Multiplayer Tips
Mortar Strike Tutorial Gameplay Multiplayer
Motion Sensor (T-Ugs)
Multiplayer Sniping Streak
Multiplayer Tips Tactics For The New Guy
No One Ever Talks Tips Online Gameplay
Online Gameplay - Gunmaster Tips And Tricks Live Com
Online Gameplay - M16a3 Grand Baz Tips And Tricks
Operation 925 Routes Tips And Overview
Operation Metro
Premium Tips And Tricks Battlefield 3
Pro Tips - How To Corner Gameplaycommentary
Pro Tips - Limiting Angles Of Exposure Gameplaycommentary
Pwned 17 Tips Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning Star Wars The Old Republic
Quick Jet Tips - Ep3 - Losing A Tail By Scissor Rolling Battlefield 3
Quick Tip - Toss That Grenade 1
Quick Tip - Toss That Grenade 2
Quick Tip 4 - The Best Helicopter Set-Ups
Quick Tip 7 - Destroy All Vehicles Fast
Quick Tips Soflam Counter
Radio Beacon Tutorial
Rush Tips & Tricks For Noobs
Scout Helicopter
Scrap Metal Routes Tips And Overview
Secrets Of The Battlefield Tip #1
Secrets Of The Battlefield Tip #2
Secrets Of The Battlefield Common Mistakes 1
Shibs Tip Clips Ep1 Flag Capping Jihad Jeeps Engineers And Rpgs
Silenced Ak Havoc - W Heli Tips
Sniper Defense On Sharqi - Recon Tips
Sniper Tips Recon Advice
Sniper Tips - Mav Tactics Recon Gameplaycommentary
Sniper Tips & Advice Recon Gameplay
Sniping Tutorial
Sniping Tutorial Tips/Tricks Bolt Action
Soflam Guide
Sprint Jumping
Strategy Guidetips For Rush On Operation Metro Gameplaycommentary
Support Class Weapon Guide
Support Tips C4 Mortar September Patch
Suppress And Flank
Tank Destroyer Tips Tricks For Armored Kill
Tank Tips For Noobs
Team Deathmatch/Tdm Tips + Tricks
Tearing Up The Metro How To Attack Operation Metro
Tearing Up The Subway Flank And Massacre
The Definitive Ecm Guide
The Ultimate Guide -The Recon Class- Part1
Tip 01 Colorblind Mode Quick Battlefield Tips In 1 Minute Or Less
Tip 02 Blow Up C4 After You Die Quick Battlefield Tips In 1 Minute Or Less
Tip 04 Claymore Vs Vehicle Results Quick Battlefield Tips In 1 Minute Or Less
Tip 05 Squad Up Get Perky Quick Battlefield Tips In 1 Minute Or Less

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