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Islamic Radio (راديو الإسلامية) is a fantastic internet radio receiving application for android devices. There are some Islamic radio sites in the list. The stations which broadcast Islamic programs like Tilawatul Quran (Qoran, تلاوة القرآن الكريم), Religious Conversation, Islamic Songs (الأغنية الإسلامية) or nasheed are listed here. Just click on the station and enjoy listening to the channel. User must have internet connection to use this application. Users can request to add new stations by email. Please only request Islamic stations to add. The support email address can be found in about menu. Thank you.

Some of the Radio Stations which you can enjoy from this application are :

Quran Radio
Nasyid FM
Radyoislam FM
Mishary radio FM
Allahu Akbar FM
Quran Radio Tafsir
Radio Izlam Radio
Saad Al Ghamdi Radio
Ahmad Al Ajmy
Saud Alshuraim Radio
Yaseer Al Dossari
Kerala Malabar Islamic Radio
Radyo Allahicin FM
Voice of Quran

And many more stations are there in this application..

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