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    We usually download torrent on websites like Fenoty, The Pirate Bay and isoHunt and so on. But the torrent we download can not running directly. You should have another app to download it. Torrent Download-er is this kind of app which can help you download the torrent to available file. With this app, you can download any torrent. It can tell you the torrent size, file name, file format and so on. It can also show you a log which tell you the download progress. you can enjoy all torrent no matter video, mp3 music file, or game app and so on.
    1.Torrent list you download from BitTorrent site.
    2.Tell you the real path of the file in you SD card.
    3.Torrent name or number.
    4.Press the download.
    5.Confirm download or not download.
    6.In the download page, you cna see all information of the file. Such as the size, name, formate, and so on.
    7.If you have another thing when you just download a half, you can stop it.
    8.Back to the list ia also sopported.
    9.You can see the download prgress in "log" page. It will tell you which step it is going. It include all fiel information in the log.
    10.The log will change with the downloading.
    It is a better downloader app than others. Because you not only can download the torrent but also see the logs. With this app, you can see all torrent files you download from the internet such as Fenoty, The Pirate Bay, isoHunt and so on.

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