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An original tool with questionable results

  • Original idea
  • Bad results
  • Awkward for daily use

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"A transparent launcher for your mobile"


For those who seek original ideas for customizing their phones, there are a multitude of Android options at your disposal. One of the most interesting is that of transparent launchers. The idea would be amazing if it wasn't for the fact that Transparent Screen Launcher presents certain aesthetic deficiencies. We're not convinced.


The idea is original, but the execution of that idea, we have to say, is poor.


To achieve the illusion that your phone is transparent, the app uses the camera lens to display everything behind the phone. The resulting effect is that you can see 'through' the phone to what normally would be blocked from your view, with the apps and icons 'floating' before your eyes. Unfortunately, the design of the app and its execution on the devices we tested it out on didn't achieve the results we'd hoped for. The icons end up having a low-quality appearance, making everyday use of the interface quite awkward.

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by Cecília

Jul 31, 2015

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