Tree Planet



◆Whenever you grow a tree, we will actually plant it in the desert!

▶Grow your very first tree.

Take care of your tree that takes roots in the barren desert by giving water and fertilizer.

Trees that you grew will actually be planted in the desert of Mongolia.

In addition, water pumps will be delivered to African children who suffer from the water shortages.

◆Tree Planet, together with United Nation Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), and Unicef, gives you a weapon that can fight desertification.

This is how magic is done. Users play the game for free. The number of trees that are planted by the users is then planted in the real world by the NGOs, while the companies finance Tree planting activities.

▶Shall we grow a tree now?

-Dig in the ground and plant seeds.

-Give water and fertilizer

-Pat your tree. “grow well~”

-Keep loggers and sheeps away from your tree!

-If you don't take a good care of your tree, it will die.

-Yay! Trees are now fully grown! Let's send them to the desert!

-We will give email notifications on a regular basis with updates on how trees are growing!



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