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Truly Random - Dice Roller

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Whether you are exploring the depths of your favorite dungeon, staring in the face of an evil dragon, or just making a nuisance of yourself with the local townsfolk, Truly Random can handle your dice rolling needs. Our powerful application gives you the flexibility to handle those dicey situations.

RPG - Dice Roller

This portion of the application is aimed at those brave adventurers engaged in the world of fantasy role playing games or if you just lost the dice to your favorite board game. No need to worry about forgetting your dice again, we got you covered. You choose the number of dice to roll (1..99), which die (d4, d6, e8, etc), apply a modifier (-99..+99) and make your roll. The totals will be calculated and displayed for you along with the detail for each die. It’s as simple as that.

We also support an "exploding" version of each of the dice. See our website or the in-app help for more information.

RPG+ - RPG Dice Notation

Enter a formula in RPG Dice Notation to handle those complicated scenarios where rolling a number of d6 just doesn't cut it. Now you can define powerful expressions allowing you to mix various dice together, multiply, add, or subtract their result in almost any way you need.

We also support a number of functions including IF, MIN, MAX, and many more. A few examples are likely to provide the easiest explanation.

- 4d6+3 = Roll 4 d6 dice, sum them, add 3 to the result
- (4d6+3)*2 = Roll 4 d6 dice, sum them, add 3 to the result. Then multiply this value by 2.
- IFLT(Level, 5,4d6+3, 4d6+Level) = If the Global Constant "Level" is less than 5, roll 4 d6 dice and add 3, otherwise, roll 4 d6 dice and add the Level.

Multiple equations can be stored together as a group. This can make complicated weapon attacks easier to calculate and evaluate.

For example, you have special sword with the following characteristics:

- Attack 1: 1d20+12
- Attack 2: 1d20+10
- Attack 3: 1d20+8
- Damage: 2d8+1d6+5 (3 throws, 1 for each attack)

All of these equations can now be saved as a group. One roll will calculate the results for each equation in the group and you decide what applies. Imagine the possibilities!

You can even Import/Export Groups from the SD Card!

RPG Char - Character Generation

Developing that new wizard or cleric you have wanted to play? This will roll 4 d6 (six sided) dice and total the highest three. You can also select specific dice to re-roll if your DM/GM allows. (Some allow the re-roll of 1s for example.) Six sets of dice are rolled for the typical attribution of your character.

Custom Dice Sets

You are no longer limited to just numbers on the faces of each die.

Each Dice Set includes one or more dice. Each die can have as many faces as you choose and each face contains the text you enter. The faces can include embedded expressions, custom formatting, and distribution weights.

This is ideal for those gamers who are constantly using random generation charts. Some great examples submitted by our users include: Tavern Generator, Pick Pocket Yield, NPC Encounter Conditions, Corpse or Bag Yield, and more.

You can even Import/Export Custom Dice Sets from the SD Card.

Decks of Cards

Create and use Decks of Cards.


Group the saved items from the RPG, RPG+, and Custom Dice Sets together to define your own Campaign. The Campaign gives you ready access to your character or game specific equipment, abilities, spells, etc.

Global Constants

Global Constants can be used in the expressions you define for RPG Plus and Custom Dice Sets and can be applied to many calculations allowing you to update it in one place.

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Recently changed in this version

- Updated the Decks of Cards feature so that you can now use the same formatting options you use with the custom die face when defining a card.
- Updated the Ad APIs for ad supported versions.
- Minor bug fixes and some internal clean-up.

Comments and ratings for Truly Random - Dice Roller
  • (70 stars)

    by james hannah on 20/10/2013

    My fave!

  • (70 stars)

    by Fabio Spelta on 22/09/2013

    I use this as a helper tool to play gamebooks. I had some trouble getting the best out of it because I dwelled all of a sudden into one of the most hardcore features, the custom dices to emulate Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series combat mechanism, by respecting

  • (70 stars)

    by Bas Meijer on 15/06/2013

    No more physical dice with complex rules. Instead: clear text on each 'face' of the dice.

  • (70 stars)

    by Chaz man on 03/04/2013

    I have had this APP for quite a while, it was great when I first downloaded it back in the day however it has continueed to improve.. It is an extremely handy APP. Sorry it took me so long to rate it. Keep up the excellent job! Cant wait to see what migh

  • (70 stars)

    by Ryan Hardy on 22/03/2013

    I discovered this app when hunting around for something to load custom dice. The functionality base was there but I found that I had a few ideas that would make my life easier and make for (I thought) a better all around app. I reached out to the designer

  • (70 stars)

    by A Google User on 23/10/2011

    A DM's best friend. Has everything U would ever need for RPG & more.

  • (70 stars)

    by Gawen on 23/10/2011

    A DM's best friend. Has everything U would ever need for RPG & more.