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    This app is a fake one used for entertainment. It can be installed in all android mobile phone and is totally free app!**********************************************
    Can you distinguish if one say truth or lie to you! Now you can use fake software to probe them. Here is an app named Truth and Lies. On the surface, it can distinguish if you are lying while in fact, it cannot enter their mind and decide they are telling the truth or false (even the god cannot do this), but you can guess the truth of their words according to their reflect of using this app!

    Only you know it is a fake app while others believe in its function. If the people who blink their eyes or seems shilly-shally when using this app, he/she may lie to you, but if one seems common and magnanimous, he is telling you the truth. (NOTE: There may be someone acting well and you cannot distinguish their words. It all depends on your judgment.)

    You can also use it to make jokes with others or display the strength of your android mobile phone!

    Steps of using:

    At first, open the app and enter a welcome page. Then you should tap TEST button to enter main page.

    Second, in beautiful main page, click BEGIN button and speak what you what to say or what you what others say. After you finish your speaking, press END button and it will test your words automatically!

    At last, It will hint what you said and give you a result: What you said is fake/your words is totally truth.


    1. The speaking time should not less than 15 seconds or it will not record it down!

    2. All results given you are false and without any depending. It is a funny app and used for test the attitude of others or just for entertainment!

    3. Truth and Lies keep free for notification and icon ads supported. It will ask your permission when you open the app in first time!

    4. Please provide us stars according to your satisfaction£¡ If you do not satisfy with it, please send me email and let me know the reason.

    Download the fake lie testing app and you will find great surprise! Many characteristic of your friends will be developed with it! Don¡¯t you believe it? Now have a try!

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