Tupak Visionary Shaman



Visionary. Shaman.

Who is George Tupak?

People sometimes ask me about my name. When someone says "Your name's very strange!" I answer, "that's true. I come from a strange mix."

I could tell them that although my name has a cocktail of background my first name is American Indian and means "great chief". It was given to me in honor of my great-great grandfather, a Cheyenne Indian whom I obviously never met. My mother's ancestors came from Russia, adding to the mystery, and that's how my name came into being.

I wanted to discover the land of my ancestors so I went to the desert, I want almost 500,000 in one day! It was so much the casino didn't have enough cash on hand to pay me!

I had a presentiment I'd win, and it happened.

Just remember, almost anything is possible. Use this app to get in touch with me. You'll see.

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