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This App supports the Silent Hunter Online

Game and links to information on
the German Uboats of World War 2

Check out an exhibition in the UK where you
can see a Uboat, purchase several really
good value books on UBoats and view for free
a number of YouTube videos about a Uboat
local to me (one of only four in the world)

It's really complicated firing a torpedo
from a moving boat to hit a moving vessel -
how did they calculate that? My PDF here
gives a bit of an insight. Wot? No pocket
calculators? Slide rules??

Check out the Silent Hunter Online Facebook

Single click into the SHO forum (you have to
log in the first time only- and obviously
you need to register-but it's free)

Single click into the SubSim forum (see
above) a long running forum for submarine

Check out some submarine shopping

This is the login page to Silent Hunter
Online - android doesn't let you complete
the login oddly, but you can read all the
items on the huge opening page

This is the beginnings of a manual for
Silent Hunter Online- which remains free to
play, but still in Beta of course
Silent Hunter Wiki - apart from Silent

Hunter 5 all the SH games have been
excellent. SH5 was the prettiest - but who
wants a pretty war? (or a video card with
nitrogen cooling)

This is what's in the App!

fflintshire@hotmail.com is me @clwydian

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