Ultimate Stun Gun



Ultimate Stun Gun gives you the chance to taze and amaze your friends by zapping them with a virtual stun gun! This photorealistic portrayal of a Stun Gun (Ultimate Stun Gun is not affiliated with the Stun Gun company in anyway) has electrifying animations, realistic sound effects, and even touch-feedback vibrations and flashing lights (Ultimate Stun Gun supports light strobing on cameras with a standard LED flash. Some android phone may not support this feature of ultimate Stun Gun).

If you are looking for a cattle prod (cow prod) or stun gun app, this app tops 'em all. Bring your Facebook friends a surprise they won't forget: meet them in real-life and then zap them with this Stun Gun app! Become more popular on Twitter by inviting your followers to get tazed in person.

Ultimate Stun Gun will drive your pets insane. Your dog will love getting zapped over and over. Your cat's whiskers will point out in all directions at once

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