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    This application is an unofficial guide to the hit US series of the TV Show Ghost Hunters / Ghost Hunters International. Want to know where a location from the show is, if it's still open and need a video reminder of the TV episode or even just want to see spooky stuff? We have 80% of the locations but are always on the lookout for Video content.
    Please note, no content is provided or hosted by this application, all information has been retrieved from other sources.
    This app is a MUST for Ghost Hunters fans and just paranormal lovers in general as we map out the haunted locations visited by this TV show.

    Ghost Hunters (no GHI found yet) Video Listing:
    Series 1 - Episode 3
    Series 2 - Episode 18
    Series 3 - None Found
    Series 4 - None Found
    Series 5 - Entire Series
    Series 6 - Entire Series, except episode 11
    Series 7 - Missing episodes 12, 15-20 and 25
    Series 8 - Missing episodes 5-13, 15, 17, 19-21 and 26
    Series 9 - Missing episodes 4, 5, 7, 8 and 12

    NOTE: Only public locations are / should be shown on this app, we respect the privacy of others, so if you have a problem with your location being displayed on this app or would like to provide us with the information to be shown then please e-mail us at
    We have a known issue with some episodes descriptions being incorrect on the website we feed from and because of this reason we may not display that page or include content for maps etc until we deem the information correct.

    This is an unofficial application meaning we have no affiliation with Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Syfy or any of it's production companies or show participants. If you have any problems with the application itself, please don't hesitate to contact our support team, however if you have problems with the content provided via this application, please engage the respective owner of this data / property.

    Please report any problems to our support e-mail address ( before posting a negative or even neutral review and we aim to get a response and resolution to you as soon as is possible.
    Also if you are unhappy with this app, please let us know via the same support e-mail address before uninstalling the app, we would like to have a chance to make this app better for all.

    The locations and information included in this application may not be 100% accurate, please do not take the information as accurate without your own research.

    Please check out our basic video guide here:

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