Urashima Taro -Wonderful world

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    This is a 50 page photo book of Urashima Taro, one of the fairy tales in Japan. One day Urashima Taro saved a turtle tortured by a group of children and let it to go back to the sea. Then, the turtle took him to the Palace of the Dragon God (Ryugu-jo) in the sea. There he met a lovely princess, Otohime and she showed him the garden of four seasons. As he was about to go back home, she gave him a mysterious box called tamatebako and told him never to open. He lost his house and all his friends as he returned. Finally he opened the box with sadness, from which burst forth a cloud of white smoke. He was suddenly aged. This photo book includes the pictures of Nezameno-Toko and Kei-unji Temple, which are the places of the story, and other pictures which remind us the time of Ryugu-jo.

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