It hoped to spend and receive pleasant time in this application, and made.
    Up to STUDIO~LIVE of VanHalen
    Almost all musical pieces are covered.
    Each music is taken up at an animation site.
    It seems that there are some which cannot be searched in inside although it seems that almost all music hits.
    Please understand the point.
    I think that I am glad with these wonderful music knowing to as many people as possible, and my getting them to enjoy myself.
    I am making this application for the purpose of many people knowing the music of VANHALEN also alone.
    It does not aim at copyright infringement etc.

    Current members
    Alex Van Halen – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1972–present)
    Eddie Van Halen – lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1972–present), lead vocals (1972–1974)
    David Lee Roth – lead vocals (1974–1985, 1996, 2006–present)
    Wolfgang Van Halen – bass, backing vocals (2006–present)

    Former members
    Mark Stone - bass, backing vocals (1972–1974)
    Michael Anthony – bass, backing vocals (1974–2006)
    Sammy Hagar – lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1985–1996, 2003–2005)
    Gary Cherone – lead vocals (1996–1999)

    Main article: VanHalen discography

    Van Halen (1978)
    Van Halen II (1979)
    Women and Children First (1980)
    Fair Warning (1981)
    Diver Down (1982)
    1984 (1984)
    5150 (1986)
    OU812 (1988)
    For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (1991)
    Balance (1995)
    VanHalen III (1998)
    A Different Kind of Truth (2012)