Vibe Taze



Get Electrified with the latest Tazer guns and enjoy with your friends

Vibe Taze is a funny, tricky Application which shows multiple guns to choose and fire and produce electric sparks

The Tazzer Virtual Electric Sound Gun is a compact tazer with LED Lighting developed to have lots of fun pretending to play self defense.

It has lot of Sound and Lightning effects as well to attract your friends.

It Changes the mood and feel of your friends, electrocuted with high voltage virtual volts at your fingertips and electrifying sound effects .

You can Use your fingers to push the button and unleash a massive spark of energy and electrified sounds. you can choose between three different funs with different colour of sparks and sound effects.

Vibe Taze ensures the security and safety of your surroundings. You can Shock, attract, electrify your friends, when they don't expect it.


-Realistic tazer sound and graphics effects.
- Camera Flash with Sound Effect

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