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How many Virtual Tools do you have? Maybe some lame gun you downloaded in some dumb free android app, well now you can have LOADS of tools and weapons in your pocket to have fun with and impress all your friends and family constantly! You get a Whip you and shake your phone and hear the snap of the whip as if your using a real whip, use and feel the vibration and sound of a jackhammer, fire your own 9mm gun by touching it, then shake your phone to reload and hear the amazing sound effects, and you will never need a conceal and carry license for this gun! Also get your very own professional set of brass knuckles, punch the air around you and feel as if your punching your worst enemy right in the jaw and you will hear it crack! Play with your own virtual hammer and feel as if you are driving nails in while building your virtual dream house,and you get so much more! The possibilities are endless with this Virtual Tools PRO application, you get it all! By downloading this application you will get 100% FREE email support and also FREE lifetime updates which will give your more FREE tools, weapons, and other utensils in your pocket without paying another dime! This is the BEST virtual tools and weapons app HANDS DOWN! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DOWNLOAD NOW!

Also Very entertaining to small children, whip out this handy app and keep them entertained when they start to cry in the grocery store, or when your need to wash the dishes or whatever, this app will keep anyone entertained!

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