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Web Tv turns Android into a remote control for your computer, allowing you to start and control TV shows at a distance.

A huge number of television shows are currently available online. This app makes it easy to find the latest episodes of these shows and instantly start them on your computer using your Android phone. You can then control the playback by using the built-in touchpad and keyboard of Web Tv.

Note that you will need to install our free W3b Tv server on each computer you with to control.

* Use your phone to start a TV show on your computer
* Huge list of available free TV shows
* Remote touchpad feature allows you to control video players on different websites
* Star your favorite shows for quick future access
* Queue feature which gives you one click access to new episodes of your favorite TV shows and videos

Supports displaying shows from Hulu, Youtube, TED, CBS, The CW.

TV shows include: Family Guy, Bones, The Daily Show, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Grimm and hundreds more!

Supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

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