Weapons Sounds



In the world so many people who love weapons. These people like to keep it in his hands and shoot, to feel the impact of the machine or a gun, but most of them, in our opinion, like the sound. Each weapon has its own unique sound. One can stun but the other sounds like a melody. We are so different and rifles and pistols are also very different. We want to give you the weapons simulator, where you can "shoot" with a large number of machines, namely:

- Belgian machine Fn F2000
- German submachine gun MP5 (Maschinenpistole 5)
- Assault rifle Tar-21
- Assault rifle Fn Scar
- Rifle Famas
- Carbine Kriss Vector

To do this, you can simply choose any of them to aim at the enemy and pull sharply phone, you hear a shot. Personally, we have fun in the office shooting each other and hiding behind the screens of monitors. Most shoot at the boss :). You can find other uses for this application. For example you and your friends can make a great mobile gunfight on the street or on the bus (for extreme). You will definitely enjoy it. Just try! Download this app you can absolutely free!

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