This app is no longer available in the US. There is now an official WEDG android app. It can be found at market://details?id=com.airkast.WEDGFM

This is an unofficial app that lets you listen to Buffalo's WEDG 103.3 FM live radio station as well as the Shredd & Ragan podcasts.

As of now (and probably forever), the app can't show song names or lyrics. The company that provides this (NOT WEDG) won't give access to "vendors".

***UPDATE - July 24***
Hi everyone. It's been a loooong time since I've updated this app, but I finally have something to offer. I've fixed/improved the general functionality. Check out the "Latest changes" for a break down. Just a note, this live stream is in fact live, but it's slightly behind the radio broadcast. It's usually 5 - 20 seconds behind, but I've noticed up to 5 minutes once. I don't control that, you'll hear the same thing on the "Listen Live" player on their website, but regardless, it really is live.

I'm asking everyone that encounters any bug, or force close to email me with feedback. I want to make this app awesome but I only have a couple devices to test on. So please click the "Email Developer" link in the market to email me.

Known Issues:

- Seeking anywhere in a podcast does not work. I left it on for testing.
- If you come across another issue, please email me with details.
- Will not work on Honeycomb (yet!)

Coming soon:

- Homescreen widget
- Working seek bar for podcasts
- Have any ideas? Please let me know!

Again, please email me with any feedback. Seriously! If the app crashes, or if you have any ideas, please email me what was happening, what the error was (if any), which device you have and which version of Android you're running (including custom ROM or stock).

Changes since July 24, 2011:

*** v2.5 ***

- Re-wrote much of the code. Should be more stable on more devices.
- Force close on exit fixed.
- Audio should keep playing after leaving app.
- Added "loading" indicator for live stream. App won't lock any more while connecting to live stream.
- Added back the progress indicator for podcasts, HOWEVER, seeking does NOT work yet. Still working on that, but I didn't disable the seek function so that I can get some feedback.

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