What's the Score?



What's the Score? is the best way to keep track of scores on many games such as cards, board games, dominoes, darts, Scrabble, and more. Add all the players then give them the points they've earned or lost! Customize the app with options for entering and viewing scores.
Upgrade to What's the Score? Pro for an ad-free experience!

2 ways to enter scores - Keypad Mode and +1 Mode

Helpful features - Sort scores by name, score, or your own custom order. Pick a random player to go first.

Add players easily - enter a name and player color or use the defaults. You can also randomize the player order or sort it in your own way.

Stats - view stats of game by round and total score.

Timer and Dice - use the timer and up to 6 custom die

Holo design makes the app fit in with your Android device.

Permissions - internet for the ad, vibration and screen for the timer

There is an ad-free version available, What's the Score? Pro.

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