Whip Sound



AS SEEN ON "THE BIG BANG THEORY" TV SHOW! Need your friends, family or co-workers to GET A MOVE ON? WOOSH! CRACK! Whip Sound is like having a real life stock whip...
Shake The Phone to whip
Make fun to whip someone just like showed in big bang theory

What you can do with "Whip Sound:
- Whip someone or anyone! :-)
- Whip your dog
- Whip your roommate if he still didn't listen you
- Whip to be the boss
- Whip your children to make them
- Whip when your dog to discipline
- Whip to dominated
- Whip to prank your friends
- Whip your friends to annoy them
- Whip your brother to make him laugh
- Whip when you heard jokes
- Whip like a lion trainer
- Whip Whip Whip.....there will be many more situations where you can hit the whip

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