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The Whistle Soundboard is a fun and free sound board app featuring a multitude of various high quality stereo whistle audio sound effects. There is everything from humans whistling to train horns. You can play the files individually, mix and match them at the same time, set them into infinite loop mode, and even set them as your ringtone. You can also share the app with your friends, because everything is more fun with friends. There is even a dog whistle included for training your pets!

Whistle Soundboard currently includes the following sounds:
airhorn - A classic Air Horn, sure to annoy anyone who hears it!
atgirl - The whistle a man makes when a cute girl walks by
attention - A whistle used to get someones attention
bombfall - the whistle sound of a bomb falling from a plane
dog - a dog whistle sound, it really works for training dogs too
hawk - the whistle sounding screaming of a hawk
kettle - the sound of a kettle of hot water
low - a low sounding train whistle
oceanliner - the unforgettable sound of a ship passing by
party - a kazoo type party whistle
plectron - the electronic whistles of a plectron machine
toytrain - the fun light hearted blow of a toy train
train - the aggressive blow of a real train
tugboat - an authentic clip of a real tugboat
whistling - a human casually whistling

I am always looking to improve upon my apps, and if there are more features that you would like to see or more whistles you want added, then just let me know! I will update the app ASAP.

Whistle Soundboard has been tested on a Samsung Galaxy S II, an Acer a500 tablet, and an Android emulator, and I know it works fine on those devices. If your specific device has issues, let me know and I will try to address them ASAP. Thank you for trying Whistle Soundboard (formerly Whistlin' App) and happy whistling!

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