Wifi Optimizer



Wifi Optimizer is an entertainment app. It can fake optimize your wifi connection.


This app is mainly used to fake increase the wifi network speed for you.

Though it is just an entertainment app, our developer carefully designed its interface.

In details, this app offers you an animated user interface.

So it will provide you vivid user experience as well as visual cues.

Hope you will love it.


1. Click the yellow button on the screen to start increasing wifi speed.

2. Then you will see that a lovely animated iRobot Ava start to climb the stair ( the stairs here stand for the wifi signal.). In this way, the wifi speed will be fake improved. At the same time , you will see a smiling face on the screen to show you the result.

It is quite funny.

3. In order to let in real user experience, you¡¯ d better to open the vibration switch and tip switch in advance.


Though this app cannot really optimize your wifi connection, it will bring you lots of surprises.

Free download it quickly.

******************Note********************************** *1. This app contains some notification ads or icon ads.
*2. This fake app is just for entertainment.

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