Wireless Battery Charger



Best wireless battery charger in android app in Android market which help you charging your device battery anywhere by using magnetic field without wire connection.

How it works -

Place your phone near or above another phone or practically anything that has magnetic field around it like magnets & it will start charging .

Just start Wireless Battery Charger app, press start charge button and your phone will use nearby electromagnetic fields to fully recharge battery.

This uses electromagnetic waves to charge your phone, Make sure you must have magnetic sensor on the phone,
You can charge faster than your wired charger.
Fastest Charging
No electric power required for charging
Small in size
Free app

This app is a prank.. It will not charge your phone, It works by magnetic sensor on your phone ,it sense magnetic field & showing battery charging but in actual battery charging is not happening.
You can use this app to make fool of your friends .A perfect prank application.

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