Woody Allen Wacky Words



Begin your day with the best humor and thought provoking crazy ideas that Woody Allen is famous for. An Iconic writer, director, actor, comedian, and musician whose life is no less than a masterpiece in itself. As you read these quotes you will realize how Allen has mastered the art of fitting the most serious thoughts of life in a completely hilarious manner, making complete sense whatsoever. His ideas about love, relationships, day today struggles, art, individuality and creativity are certainly worth appreciating. From simple comic statements to profound philosophies of life, Woody Allen has got it right each time. His portrayal of a common man, a dark humor on human struggles and ironies makes him stand apart as a brilliant writer not just of his time but even today. So take some time off your monotonous schedules and give your day a refreshing break with this superb and out of the box collection of Woody wacky words. Spicing up a bland day isn't all that difficult after all.

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