World of Warcraft Armory


World of Warcraft Armory's review

For lovers of the seminal MMO, this is the resource to keep

  • Great guild chat
  • Handy talent calculator
  • Plenty of stats
  • Chat times out
  • Where are garrisons?

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"A Great Companion App for WoW"


If you just can't leave the WoW universe for more than a few minutes, now you can connect to your characters, visit the Auction House and stay abreast of guild activities all from your iPhone. Aside from some server problems, the Mobile Armory is an essential part of your gaming arsenal.


Some standout features worth mentioning are guild chat, including one-on-one communications, and the talent calculator, which helps you decide the best combination of specs for your in-game warrior.


Online services sometimes freeze, with chat in particular timing out consistently. We would like the ability to see garrisons on this mobile resource, in line with recent updates to the game.

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by Oliver

Mar 19, 2015

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