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Wrath EV Counter is a utility for use with Pokémon games that helps you keep track of your Pokémon's Effort Values they gain after battle.

* EV Counter for training Pokémon
* EV Counter prioritizes EVs as the game does.
(HP > Atk > Def > Sp Atk > Sp Def > Speed)
* Complete list of Pokémon and a display for their EV Yield
* EV Training Item Support + PKRUS
* Does not support Pokémon Saving
* Does not support Pokémon Nicknames
* Has Ads :c
*Now includes maps with training locations from FRLG - BW/B2W2
*Now includes a Type To Select option for faster Pokemon Selection
*Pokémon X and Y update: Pokemon and Training Spots

Wrath EV Counter is straightforward and simple with an intuitive user interface.
Keep your eyes peeled for the paid version of Wrath EV Counter that will have many more features and a UI overhaul.

Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged as any criticisms and recommendations will help to make Wrath EV Counter the go to EV counter on the market.

Pokémon And All Respective Names are Trademarks of Nintendo 1996-2013
I am not affiliated with Nintendo, Creatures Inc. and GAME FREAK Inc.

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