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Stream Content via Smart Multishare USB

The Smart Multishare USB is a multi-share, streaming device that lets you share STORED content from your smartphone or tablet. Plug in the Smart Multishare USB into to any electronic device with a built-in USB port to wirelessly link your smartphone or tablet to share document files, videos, photos, and music.

Smart Multishare USB is a unique USB/WiFi device that works with any USB-enabled host product, such as SmartTVs, home or car audio systems and PCs.

This App is exclusively used with the Smart Multishare USB. It allows you sort through your smartphone’s digital files and organize them into playlists. Then stream the playlist content wirelessly via Smart Multishare USB to be played on your television, PC or even audio system.

Use Smart Multishare USB and Smart Multishare USB app to:

Play and even copy music, photos, video clips, and even documents from your smartphone to the PC and even back to your phone*, just like a USB memory drive. Content linked to cloud services can also be downloaded to the phone and streamed.

Want to listen to the music from your phone through your car or home stereo system? Create a playlist and play audio files without loss of audio integrity. You can even link multiple phones and quickly switch from one to another instantly.

Feel the need to share your latest video or photos? Plug in Smart Multishare USB to your TV or other USB-based display device and stream it. Smart Multishare USB support full HD (1080p) video clips.

Have a presentation? If it’s on your phone or tablet, plug in the Smart Multishare USB into a projector and you’re off. With Smart Multishare USB, you can even access or download the files from cloud storage to your smartphone or tablet and present it via Smart Multishare USB.

How Smart Multishare USB is different:

Smart Multishare USB is a unique innovative product that allows you to access the contents from your smartphone by wirelessly receiving files in real-time. Files that are stored in your smartphone and/or tablet are converted to USB memory format to allow transmission to the host device.

There are several other devices that play on-line contents and displays them through HDMI enabled TVs and Monitors.

Smart Multishare USB can be used with any electronic device that supports regular USB memory (such as PC, televisions, IPTV set-top box, projector, car audio, etc). Files can be played on the Smart Multishare USB-plugged device using the controls of that product.

*Feature coming soon

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