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09/14/2013 - We have released a NEW version which looks completely different and AWESOME. Give it a try.

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This is a fun app. We have written 146 different way you can be Nepali. No pun intended and no offense to anyone - it is just a fun app. It explores the way Nepali People eat, to the way Nepali People party, the taboos they have (for instance Nepali people feel shy to talk about sex in open, let alone kiss your spouse in the public), it touches many aspects of Nepali Life.

YOU ARE NEPALI IF one liners are generated randomly and displayed to the user. Either use the arrow on the top right corner of the landing page of the app or just shake your phone to generate a random one. You can even swipe you fingers in any direction to get these random Nepali features.

Since we release the apps for Free, we believe we deserve to monetize them by placing some ads. You can always skip the ads and continue with our fully functional applications.

We listen to our users feedback positively and try to improve upon as much as there is room for improvement. Please direct any of your comments, questions, queries or even your own one liners to be included in our app to CONTACT AT SANJAAL DOT COM.

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