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Want to find your love? Or just need to find a way to calculate your love? Find the exact result of your love life directly on your mobile screen? Need to know the relationship characteristics between you and your girlfriend or boyfriend? Excitedly waiting to know what you and your girlfriend or boyfriend’s zodiac sign says about your relationship? Use our Love Calculator. Calculations are based on real data and show you right on your mobile screen.

There are so many love calculators. But our calculator calculates on “Onomatology” and our “special feature” is finding compatibility with the “Zodiac Sign” of the person you love. Don’t know your partner’s zodiac sign? Just have a look on the signs on the application screen. You will find it. Love calculator will tell if you would be compatible with your loving one or not on the result screen. You can know about the characteristics of your partner on the result screen too.

When you are just finding source to know the characteristics of you and your partner’s relationship then this application is presenting the best solution for you. All you have to do is just put your and your girlfriend/boyfriend name and there zodiac sign on the screen then press calculate. This calculator will show you a result telling the percentage of your love between you and your partner on the result screen. This love calculator calculate some unique logic and give you a result in a funny way that couples get fun with a full zodiac report.

If you feel doubt about your zodiac sign and your girlfriend/ boyfriend’s zodiac sign relationship. Want to know you and your love partner match each other or not, then this love calculator application can give you zodiac sign based result and describe the comparison between you and your partner’s love life.

You can share your result on social media like FB. So let the whole world know your love…

This application is free to download but contains advertisement so this may show advertisement on your mobile screen.

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