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Developed by bestselling author and noted zombieologist, Max Brooks, the Zombie Survival Guide Scanner app is the ideal zombie detector tool. As we all know, the world we live in has become a scary place, and the global increase in zombie attacks is of major cause for alarm. Use the scanner to analyze friends and neighbors—and even yourself—and determine the level of infection. Use the app’s sharing functionality to spread the word about your infected friend’s recent fall to the zombie scourge, warn others by emailing images or posting images of your infected friend to Facebook, and join the fight in keeping the world safe.

Don’t be foolish with your most precious asset—life. Hordes of zombies may be stalking you right now without you even knowing it. The Zombie Survival Guide Scanner app is your first line of defense in an undead world.

The undead surround us. Infection rates are growing exponentially. How can you be sure who’s a zombie before they try to bite?

An unscanned friend is a potential zombie.

“Fans of Max Brooks's terrific zombie books . . . will enjoy this.”
—Boing Boing

“The zombie apocalypse is coming, but there’s no need to worry because there’s always a handy app to get you through the drama of it all.”

“Please spread the word about this. . . . Finally, we have something that could save millions of lives.” —SliceofSciFi.com

The New York Times bestselling author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, Max Brooks has been called “the Studs Terkel of zombie journalism.” He lives in New York City but is ready to move to a more remote and defensible location at a moment’s notice. Max Brooks’s The Zombie Survival Guide formed the core of the world’s civilian survival manuals during the Zombie War. Mr. Brooks subsequently spent years traveling to every part of the globe in order to conduct the face-to-face interviews that have been incorporated into World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.

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