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Tap the zoo!

During your stay in Szeged, besides walking in the centre and marvelling at the Votive Church you should not miss visiting the Szeged Zoo. We have worked out an application to guide you around the park. Let’s stroll together in the virtual world of the Szeged Zoo.

Get to know the world of animals day by day!

Did you know that there exist animals we can only see in zoos? Zoologists make all efforts to ensure that even your grandchildren should be able to encounter a tiger yawning with fullness, a wonderful, long-necked giraffe elegantly having its breakfast and a funnily shuffling penguin, or just a grey meerkat on guard.

With the ZooGuide you can also learn:
- what and how much they eat
- where and how they live in their actual habitat
- whether they are dangerous, or just how tame these marvellous creatures are.

In the application, you can easily find the animal names in an alphabetic order, or grouped separately according whether they are mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, or vertebral animals.

Provided that, instead of reading, you prefer keeping your eyes on the residents of the Zoo while learning about the animals in the apps, you can make a good use of the reading aloud function since by playing the audio files, you can listen to the descriptions of your favourites.

The application offers the following:
• virtual guide in the Szeged Zoo supplemented with audio files
• interesting and detailed descriptions on animals of the park
• useful practical information on the Zoo.

You can read about the animals included in the virtual walk in several languages: English, German, Spanish as well as Russian.

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