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    It is a demo version of Vicinno 12C Financial Calculator. It demonstrates how Vicinno 12C works on various Android phones. The functionality of the demo version is limited since both f and g keys are disabled. If you are interested in its pro version, please search for "Vicinno" on Google Play.

    12C Financial Calculator

    As a powerful emulator of HP 12C on Android, Vicinno 12C Financial Calculator fully implements HP 12C Financial Calculator for Android. Built with identical mathematics and algorithms of the original, Vicinno 12C gives you exactly SAME capabilities with BETTER performance and MORE functions.

    **** Cool Tip: click the upper right logo to see the settings page. ****

    ★ Features:
    • Time value of money TVM.
    • Cash flow analysis NPV, IRR.
    • Amortization.
    • Bonds.
    • Depreciation.
    • Loan payments calculation.
    • Statistical analysis.
    • Date arithmetic.
    • RPN entry.
    • Programmable.
    • Automatically save/restore settings.
    • Direct access to support forum from app
    • enable/disable key click sound option
    • Comma as decimal point option
    • Touch logo to see all settings.
    • More ...

    ★ Support:
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