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ABN AMRO's Mobiel Bankieren app puts your bank at your fingertips, any time and anywhere. Using your personal 5-digit code, you can easily view your balance and transactions, and make payments. You can directly access your current, savings and investment accounts, for example. Giving your accounts and PIN transactions their own name and image makes it even easier to keep track. To view all options, go to abnamro.nl/mogelijkhedenmb

Developed together with you
ABN AMRO's Mobiel Bankieren users generally rate the app very highly, but there is always room for improvement. We closely monitor market developments and listen to our customers' suggestions, so that we can continue to improve and enhance the app. If you have any suggestions, please send them to us at abnamro.nl/suggestie.

Using the Mobiel Bankieren app only requires a one-off registration with your card and e.dentifier. If you do not yet use an Internet Banking identification code, you can create one in the app. Your identification code consists of 5 digits that you can choose yourself. The code is used to log in and send payments, among other things.

Making transfers
You can make transfers with the Mobiel Bankieren app using your identification code or e.dentifier. You can choose from 3 options:
1) All transfers without your e.dentifier
If you select this option, you will use your identification code to confirm transfers to all accounts. To use this setting, you only need to register your device once. If your total transfer amount exceeds your daily limit, you will need to use your e.dentifier.
2) Transfers with your identification code or your e.dentifier
If you select this option, you will only use your identification code to confirm transfers to previously used accounts. Previously used accounts are accounts to which you have already made a transfer using your e.dentifier and to which you have made another transfer in the subsequent 18 months. If you would like to make a transfer to an account which you have not used in the last 18 months, or if your total transfer amount exceeds your daily limit, you will need to use your e.dentifier (again).
3) All transfers with your e.dentifier
You will need to use your e.dentifier each time you transfer funds to third-party accounts. You can use this option to transfer any amount, even if it exceeds your daily limit.

ABN AMRO has developed the Mobiel Bankieren app in accordance with stringent security standards. You alone can access your information, so it is important to keep your personal identification code safe, just like your PIN. For more information about security, please visit www.abnamro.nl/veiligheid

Who is this for?
Both personal and business customers can use the Mobiel Bankieren app. Businesses (representatives specified in the articles of association) using Internet Banking can also use the Mobiel Bankieren app. The app is also available to appropriately authorised employees (of business customers).

If you would like to know more about the Mobiel Bankieren app, please see the frequently asked questions on www.abnamro.nl/vragenmb. If you want more information on the log-in or registration procedure, please call 0900 – 92 16 (usual call charges apply) or visit one of our branches.

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