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Addiko Mobile Hrvatska is a Addiko Bank mobile banking service, providing a range of banking benefits. Payments via mobile devices are simple, secure, quick, always available and cheaper than in branch banking. Among a number of functionalities you also get the Quick-pay service - bill payment via a mobile device camera, an overview of Addiko funds and stock markets.

Service prerequisites
You need to have a retail transaction account at Addiko Bank.
Your mobile device needs to have Internet access.

Three-step service implementation:
-visit any Addiko Bank branch office;
-get a username and first part of the activation key;
-receive the second part via a text message and download application support from the Internet.
What Addiko Mobile provides:
All accounts
Transaction accounts (overview of balance, turnover, transaction history)
Savings (overview of balances)
Loans (overview of balance, loan annuity payments)
Credit cards (overview of balance and turnover, card status, transaction history)
Internal order creation
Payment to accounts at other banks
Foreign currency purchase/sale
Useful information
News, offers, special promotions
Exchange rate list and currency calculator
ATM and bank branch search
Instant payments
Quick-pay service - bill payment via a mobile device camera
Quick payments - based on templates
Investment portfolio
Funds (overview of own Addiko fund portfolio performance)
eTrade (overview of own portfolio, current price/balance of selected security)

Using Addiko Mobile application is absolutely secure. Access to all financial data and functionalities is enabled via a PIN, known only to the user so no abuse is possible in case of mobile device theft or loss. No data related to accounts or PIN are stored in the mobile device, guaranteeing data secrecy. Application gets locked after 5 successive erroneous PIN entries, providing additional security against unwarranted access.

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