Advanced Financial Calculator



*Financial Calculator consists of formulas from various fields of finance and commerce.
*Useful for both students and professionals.
*Easy to use , formulas arranged according to categories like general, banking, stocks, bonds, corporate, financial markets etc.
» Compound Interest
» Simple Interest
» Annuity
» Future Value
» Perpetuity
» Doubling Time
» Annual Percentage Yield
» Balloon Loan
» Debt To Income Ratio
» Loan To Value(LTV)
» Bond Equivalent Yield
» Book Value Per Share
» Dividend Payout Ratio
» Equity Multiplier
» Net Asset Value
» Risk Premium
» Tax Equivalent Yield
» Geometric Mean Return
» Contribution Margin
» Debt Coverage Ratio
» Net Working Capital
» Inventory Turnover Ratio
» Return On Assets
» Rate Of Inflation
» Real Rate Of Return
and many more...

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