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    Avoiding Bankruptcy Manual

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    “Renunciation of thinking is a declaration of spiritual bankruptcy. - Out of My Life and Thoughts.”

    Bankruptcy can ruin the way people will look at you, especially if you go to buy a new house. Bankruptcy can affect your credit big time, So be careful with what you do. You can avoid personal bankruptcy by watching how you spend your money. Don't over indulge your self and buy stuff you don't need. If that stuff that you are wanting is not essential, then there is not need to buy it until you can afford it. You will be able to find it again when you can afford it, it's not like it is going to disappear off the face of the earth.


    ** What is personal bankruptcy?

    ** What is declaring personal bankruptcy?

    ** What are personal bankruptcy rules?

    **Some Tips to Help You Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

    ** What is bankruptcy.

    ** What is bankruptcy code.

    ** What is bankruptcy law.

    **What are personal finance.

    A Budget Can Help
    Many people cringe at the idea of having to create a budget. Creating and sticking to a budget is not a common practice for everyone for assorted reasons. Some people just did not know what should be tracked and how and to track it, while other people are just plain ignorant that creating a budget is one of the smartest thing you can do in your life. So what is a budget anyway? Initially when you are creating a budget, track every single expense that you have down to the penny. Once you see a few months of expenses recorded, you can categorize these expenses into major categories in your budget. It becomes visually clear if you can summarize all your expenses into various categories such as utilities for the home.

    Once you have recorded all your expenses in the budget, you will be able to see visually what specific expenses you are incurring. Knowing your total expenses on a monthly basis, you will be able to know if you will be able to save or if you are going to tap into your savings reserve. You should strive to control your expenses so that your monthly expenses are always lower than the money you take home from work. Through the use of the budget, if you find yourself in a situation where your expenses exceed your income, you will want to find ways to reduce the expenses so that you will positive net income monthly. By doing so, you can help yourself to avoid accumulating debt and in the long run avoid any chance of filing bankruptcy again.

    There are ways to save money

    Saving money through cutting expenses is the best way to bring yourself out of the mountain of debt. I will give you 2 categories of expenses that you can look to reduce, and they are food and entertainment.

    To avoid bankruptcy, spend only what you have with cash

    If you can change your spending habit to use only cash to buy anything that you need, that is a big step forward to becoming debt free. If you are making $y per month, and you are using only cash for purchases and expenses, you will never spend more than the $y you have per month. This means that you will not have any debt going forward. Many people ended up filing for bankruptcy because they managed to rack up enormous amount of debt on their credit cards. If you are frugal and only spend what you can have and can afford, you will then find yourself in a much better financial position.

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