Awesome Stocks Widget PRO



Welcome. Awesome Stocks Widget PRO is ... a WIDGET!

This means that you need to add it first to your homescreen to be able to use it.

Once it is on your homescreen:

★ CLICK once on the widget = refresh the widget (update all data)
★ CLICK 2 times on a stock = select the stock and view it on Finviz, StockTwits, Google Finance,
★ CLICK 3 times on the widget = enter the settings (don't click too fast)

Once you enter the settings (see screenshot 4):

★ You can select what kind of data you want to see (Last price and change in $ or percent, Last price and YTD perfo). YTD = year-to-date as in screenshot 5.

★ You can select how you want the stocks to be ordered (by name, market cap, beta, change on the day, P/E, change from 52 weeks high or low, money flow (=volume * price), and even extended-hours change !!

★ You can customize the widget colors, font size, etc (see screenshot 3)=> Select "Color Settings" in the main configuration screen.

★ You can define the destination website when you double click on a stock (see screenshot 4) Select "Double Click settings" in the main configuration screen. Right now you have StockTwits, Finviz, Google Finance,, Reuters, but it can be any website that you would like in fact (select "Your favorite website" and define it) !!!


You will be able to add your own stocks (make your own list) if I see strong demand for this functionality/widget ?

Tell me what you think on Google+ :

★ You can resize the widget (see screenshot 2) by dragging the blue dots around the widget (long click on the widget first).

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